Sunday Morning

Some debate amongst myself 🙂 as to whether this blog should be F511 specific or more. And the fairly unanimous decision was it should be about all aspects of student life. After all, life impacts’ on our studies! I’ll try not to mention any names in what I write, but this will be a warts and all. . .

So this mornings reading (and don’t you just love Sunday mornings) is…

India Discovered is not as you might expect a history of India; it’s a history of the British civil servants that ‘discovered’ India. Bloody Mary’s Martyrs is as you’d expect, about family feuds and religious intolerance.  Okay,  I’m a student of science so. . . We still need a life away from science. We still need to understand what it is to be human, to understand how people think. To see where we have come from, what made us what we are, and why we think the way we do.

Gravity is a superb little book (as you might expect from George Gamow), even has a ‘Dummy’s guide to calculus’.

How to Manage your… is a book that I wish I’d read years ago. Full of common sense.

My other reading this morning is One of the fascinating things about science is it’s like being an explorer, knowing there are things ‘out there’ waiting to be discovered 🙂


~ by jamesdow2013 on February 24, 2013.

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