Some might think me crazy

Some of the things I think about:

  • What is time?
  • What is Dark Matter?
  • What is Dark Energy?
  • Why is General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics so different?
  • Where does the arrow of time come from?
  • Why so many particles?
  • What is the reason behind the wave particle duality?
  • What is inertia?
  • What is mass?
  • What is energy?
  • Are the things we see a product of emergence?
  • What is so special about acceleration?
  • Are there other universes?
  • Why is the speed of light a limit?
  • What is ‘beyond’ the speed of light barrier?
  • What is the origin of fields?
  • Why did structure form in the early universe?
  • What is inside a black hole?
  • Where is ‘negative’ mass?
  • Why so few anti-particles in the Universe?
  • What is the origin of globular clusters?
  • How did galaxies form?
  • What’s the mechanism behind spiral arms?
  • What ‘is’ space-time?
  • How does a photon experience the Universe?
  • Does a photon experience motion?
  • What is motion?
  • Why is the universe expanding?
  • Can a Universe exist without objects in it?
  • Can motion exist in a universe that has only one object?
  • Are fundamental particles fundamental?
  • What is the reason for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle?

The list goes on and on… Maybe driving myself crazy šŸ™‚ but I can’t stop.


~ by jamesdow2013 on March 23, 2013.

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