To a special lady who. . .

To a special lady who, when I was a little boy, eased the pain of my little cat dying by telling me ‘Sooty has gone to the stars’. I looked up at the cold night sky, and wondered which star he had gone to.

Later she showed me how to draw curves from lines,

And inspired my fascination with pattern and numbers,

She introduced me to the weird and wonderful one sided Mobius Strip and made me wonder about the shape of the Universe,

She explained Infinity by tracing out a route around her wedding ring,

And I wanted to know more. More about the world, and why it is, and where we all came from, and where we all are going.

A world full of colour, and magic, and delight.

She smiled as I hid from the scary bits of Dr Who.

But to this day, I still keep looking, exploring, finding out more. Understanding more than most will ever know.

Perhaps one day, I may even find that star, where ‘Sooty’ lives.

Thank you, and Happy Birthday! Mum 🙂


~ by jamesdow2013 on April 8, 2013.

One Response to “To a special lady who. . .”

  1. To my one and only Pimpernell,
    Thanks for such a lovely Birthday tribute. I travelled back in time, thanks for those wonderful memories.

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