Disaster. . .

Disaster: My laptop died! Hardware failure and nothing I could do 😦  At least I managed to get the hard drive out and into an external caddy, so no data loss. But what an inconvenience! We are completely lost without modern technology, maybe one day it will be the unexpected death of us. Like many civilizations before, becoming too dependent on their technology, the environment changes and. . . .

So anyway. . . I bought the caddy to retrieve my data, and luckily I have an old netbook. Only problem was the old netbook had a dead power supply, so I bought one of those as well. Managed to get it all working and watched the files copy over, and my data was safe.

The following morning . . . It had been too much for the netbook and it too had expired in the night. Two laptops dead in less than two days‼

You really don’t know what it’s like to be without internet, the ability to browse, to write, to email, and to communicate. I even charge my phone through my laptops, so I had a flat battery phone too! Ever tried looking for a job, or just dealing with the things you have to do each day, without access to the internet or mobile phones!

I had to bite the bullet and spend money that I really can’t afford at this moment, to get myself a little netbook – luckily I managed to get one for £180, but still. . . a lot of money when you don’t have it 😦 Oh well, sorted now, at least until the next disaster. How fragile we all are, just one step away from. . .


~ by jamesdow2013 on April 26, 2013.

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